The art of boxing is positioning and moving your body in the most efficient manner. We teach boxing for fitness, which is only slightly different from the sport of boxing. Because the sport of boxing is, at its heart, a fighting sport, proper technique can make all the difference in our ladies boxing classes. Boxing is not all we do during classes at our women-only gym, but it is included as a part of every class. Executing moves with the proper technique gives you a good workout and helps you to avoid an injury, making sure you are benefitting as much as possible at our boxing studio.

In these videos, Coach Lauren shows you the proper technique for basic moves every boxing enthusiast must master.

Did you notice Coach Lauren’s hands? Her hands are up, and she’s looking over the tops of her knuckles. When sport-boxing, always keep your hands up to protect your face. When fitness-boxing, always keep you hands up as an isometric exercise for your arms — consider it a bonus to your workout!