1. Your Words Define Your World

    Has anyone ever said to you “it’s your world, we are all just living in it”? The truth is, we all live in our own world that consist of our own personal beliefs, or perceptions, which drive our behavior. Our language and our words play a large part in forming these perceptions of our world. The words we use are powerful tools that can be used to lift our energy and improve our lives; however…Read More

  2. Building A Habit

    Our daily habits make up the course of our lives. Have you looked at your daily routine lately? Is there anything you have been meaning to work into your routine that you just haven't gotten around to yet? Maybe you are struggling to get started or your new habit motivation wares off after a couple of weeks. Have you thought about the process behind making that habit happen instead of just doing i…Read More

  3. Finding Your “Why”

    A big part of making lasting changes in your life is finding the reasons that you are making changes in the first place. Oftentimes when setting goals for ourselves like losing weight or gaining more energy, we come up with superficial reasons why we want these things. Maybe its because you want to look good in a swimsuit or that you want to be a morning person, but these reasons only go skin deep…Read More

  4. Why Boxing Is One Of The Best Workouts Women Can Do

    If you’ve watched boxing matches, you’ll notice that those fighting are in really good shape. This is because boxing is an overall great exercise that works most of the major muscles in your body. While your goal is probably not to look like a boxer, boxing is one of the best workouts you can do as a woman. The Hook in Grapevine offers boxing classes for women in order to take advantage of thi…Read More

  5. Learn About Our Group Fitness Classes For Women

    At The Hook, we don’t call ourselves The Ultimate Fitness for Women just for fun! We mean it! Our fitness trainers offer intense HIIT classes that incorporate cardio, strength training, boxing, and so much more. We want you to leave our studio feeling stronger and more empowered than ever — even if you are a little wobbly after that intense leg class! To do this — and to ensure you never get…Read More

  6. Grapevine’s Best Boxing Gym And Why Women Love The Hook

    Every year, the Grapevine Award Program recognizes local businesses that stand out among their competition. Those businesses recognized “have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.” The program aims to acknowledge businesses that uphold and increase the positive image of small businesses that provide except…Read More

  7. How to Get the Most out of Every Workout

    Here at The Hook, we regularly talk about “The Hook Method” and what makes it such a powerful and effective workout. A lot of the effectiveness deals with what happens in the 45 minutes we spend doing HIIT workouts in our Grapevine fitness studio. That said, there are also things you can control both during and in between classes to ensure that every single group fitness class counts. Read on …Read More

  8. The Benefits Of HIIT Workouts At Our Women’s Gym

    HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and refers to exercise that involves short bursts of intense cardio or strength with intermittent periods of rest. The key to a successful HIIT workout is pushing yourself to your limits during the high-intensity portions.  At The Hook, we offer HIIT classes that combine everything from boxing to a state-of-the-art jungle gym for adults in order to…Read More

  9. Welcome to The Hook!

    Welcome to The Hook! We are so excited to be Grapevine’s best women’s only gym. We offer a variety of group fitness classes designed to help you meet your fitness goals, whether that’s weight loss or just being healthier overall. Our mission is to help women find a place they belong that will make them feel powerful and help them to take pride in their body and what it can do. Everything abo…Read More