At The Hook, we don’t call ourselves The Ultimate Fitness for Women just for fun! We mean it! Our fitness trainers offer intense HIIT classes that incorporate cardio, strength training, boxing, and so much more. We want you to leave our studio feeling stronger and more empowered than ever — even if you are a little wobbly after that intense leg class! To do this — and to ensure you never get bored with your workout — we offer five core fitness classes at our Grapevine women’s gym that are designed to challenge you physically as well as mentally. Read on below to get a flavor for what each of these classes can offer. If these sound interesting, be sure to get in touch to discuss a free trial class or reserve your spot if you’re already a member! 

Our Women’s Fitness Classes

Ultimate Arms

Upper arm and back strength is so important for women. It helps us keep a good posture, carry our kids or grandkids around, and ensures that we can do our own heavy lifting! Our Ultimate Arms fitness class uses the Boxmaster and Queenax machines to tone, trim, and firm your arms. While this is primarily an arm-centric class, you will also see the benefits in your back, core, shoulders, and beyond! 

Ultimate Booty and Legs Sculpting

Our booty and legs are what help us get up and down stairs and forms a good base for a healthy back and core. This HIIT workout integrates boxing, cardio, and strength training so that you walk in strong and walk out even stronger. 

Ultimate Core and Cardio

Your core is more than just abs and obliques. It is the trunk of your body. It’s what keeps you standing tall and strong and your core strength — or lack thereof — can affect the entirety of your body. Our Core and Cardio class helps you burn calories while gaining strength and stability. By combining both strength and cardio exercises, you will experience both cardiovascular and muscular benefits that can help increase your endurance and stamina. 

Girl Gainz

Girl Gainz, also known as our Trim and Tone class, is different than the rest of our classes and available as a drop-in class or with our all-inclusive membership. This one is perfect for all levels and ages and focuses on using light weights and high reps to sculpt your body. By doing this, you can burn calories, build lean muscle, and elevate your fitness levels. 

Hook Ultimate Boxing

At our core, we are a boutique boxing studio for women, and this class encapsulates what we love so much about non-contact boxing for fitness. This total-body workout class uses the Boxmaster and HIIT techniques to provide overall conditioning and toning. This class is mentally and physically challenging and is designed to increase your endurance, strength, and mental fortitude through 12 rounds of boxing exercises. While this class is challenging, we welcome women of all fitness levels to it. Your trainer can meet you at your level and ensure you are challenging your body without straining it. 

Register For A Fitness Class Today

We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best gym in Grapevine to meet your needs. That’s why we offer a free trial class so you can get a feel for the atmosphere and HIIT workout style at The Hook. If you are already a member, make sure to register for your favorite classes to reserve a spot. If you’re new with us, give us a call to inquire about reserving your free fitness class trial!